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Desktop Video AGOCG Report

Presentations and Education

Video is a dynamic and dramatic medium for conveying information, both in the field of marketing and in education. In the introduction the report mentioned how video and interaction seem to go hand in hand. It is in these applications where that premise is at it's most powerful. People retain information at a much higher level when they become involved in the process. In a truly interactive presentation the user can feel an integral part of the process and be more engaged.

This appears to be the most promising short term application for DTV, especially if the materials are interactive and customisable by the user. For example, hypertext links can allow you to go through a lesson in the order and at the pace to suit you.

Now that multimedia technology is steadily filtering into most institutions of higher education, there are three ways in which the technology can be applied: at the front of the classroom as a more flexible update of traditional audio visual media; in student groups for collaborative learning; and for an individual student for independent learning. Applications now available include Mathematical MacTutor, medical software and music CD-ROMs.

A more adventurous educational use of the technology is the creation of the `virtual classroom' currently being researched, for example, in De Montfort University. In such an application, the students need not be in the same physical location as the lecturer but could still interact, ask questions and so forth.

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