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Appendix 3

Usability Questionnaire

The following questionnaire was given to each subject after the 'artifical' studies. A similar questionnaire was also used after the 'real world' study. Questions 1 to 18 were answered using the following scale:
|             |               |               |               |
Disagree      Disagree        Neither agree   Agree           Agree
Strongly                      Nor Disagree                    Strongly
  1. The discussions held over the system went well.
  2. It was difficult to initiate eye contact.
  3. The update rate of the screen was sufficient for the discussion we held.
  4. It was easy to identify who was speaking.
  5. The system set up was not well suited to the type of tasks we did.
  6. It was possible to fully express what I wanted over the system.
  7. Gestures by the other participants were unclear.
  8. The quality of the image in terms of resolution was adequate for the
  9. uses we made of the system.
  10. The vocies of the participants were not clear
  11. It was easy to reach conlcusion to our discussions
  12. It was hard to judge when to speak and when to wait
  13. It was easy to maintain eye contact
  14. The display adversely affected the exahnage of information between participants.
  15. The dicsussion we held were only possible using the system set up
  16. rather than a normal phonecall.
  17. It was clear what all the participants thought about the discussion at different times
  18. It was difficult to write as well as stay involved in the dicussions using the system
  19. The system enabled the group to build a rapport with one another.
  20. The position of the cameras was not acceptable for the dicussions we held.
  21. Do you have any other comments about the videoconferencing system.
  22. What type of tasks did you use the system for
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire
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