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Chapter 8


In conclusino,we found this project interesting and enlightening. At the Design Research Centre we are now firm advocates of the benefits of vidoe conferencing as a tool to support day-to-day work as well as our less frequent international collaborative projects.

We also plan to use the Internet-accessiblilty of CUSeeMe to extend our electronic art gallery. The DRC Virtual Gallery (at URL currently contains work by a number of Derby-based artists and has a discussion system for use by people interested in electronic arts. One of the next stages in this project is to use our CUSeeMe 'relfector' to enable artists to 'broadcast' video images of their work. By using the GAllery's Web pages to 'book' a transmission timethey will be able to reserve a time to show their work to other interested parties. It will be interesting to see if this project is successful and if the video bandwidth available via a CUSeeMe link can support 'creative' activities.

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