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1 Introduction
2 The lecture series
3 Statements on IT provision
4 Observations
5 Appendices

Case Studies

"Digital Futures": A Case Study in a Faculty of Art & Design

Barry Smith

Department of Visual & Performing Arts
Nottingham Trent University


This report, "Digital Futures": A Case Study in a Faculty of Art & Design", has been prepared by Dr Barry Smith following his Lecture Series "Digital Futures" delivered to undergraduate students from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts in the Bonington Lecture Theatre, The Nottingham Trent University between September 1997 and February 1998. Dr Smith is Director of the Live Art Archive at the University and a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Faculty of Art & Design.
The Report is structured into three main sections:
1. Introduction: the wider context
2. 'Digital Futures': the lecture series
3. Statements on Lecture Theatre I.T. provision from management, academic staff, technical staff and students.
These main sections are followed by a fourth section which extracts various 'observations' that were made during the course of the Lecture Series and/or drafting of this Report which may be worthy of further consideration. The term 'Observations' has been preferred to the term 'Recommendations' that conventionally concludes Reports on the basis that 'A Case Study' (which by definition is the equivalent of a survey limited to one!) is not really in a position to 'recommend' action but may raise issues of relevance to the ongoing debate, in this instance about I.T. provision in Lecture Theatres. These 'observations' are italicised in the main text and collated together (sometimes in a slightly edited version) in this fourth section for convenience.
Finally a fifth section comprises Appendices giving copies of original texts and sources cited in this report.
4. Observations: statements extracted from the main sections.
5. Appendices: copies of items cited in the main sections.

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