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Guide to good practices for WWW authors

Structure of the information

Internal links emphasise the internal consistency of your information and provide context enrichment. They allow you to point out relationships which might otherwise be overlooked.

Not every site will be concerned with the strict logic of classification, but if you plan to offer menus of information, try to apply a consistent scheme to them. If you are classifying items into a subject or other classification scheme, don't reinvent the wheel but instead use a well-established classification scheme. It will be familiar to many of your users and many of the problems will have been ironed out. An example of the use of the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) can be seen at the Directory of network resources on the NISS WWW server.

Use a standard classification scheme.

A body of data which belongs together should be presented consistently. This gives an impression of wholeness, and helps to define the character and style of a Web site.

Give a consistent appearance to a collection of documents.

A simple measure for giving consistency in both content and appearance is to use a template as the starting point for every document in a body of data. This is not only stylistically desirable, but by incorporating elements which occur on every page anyway, it also saves some time.

Use a template as a starting point for composing documents.

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February 1996

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