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Appendix C - LIVE-NET usage

During 1993 when discussions were being held on the replacement for LIVE-NET the following graphs were produced to show a more accurate view of the usage of the system. All the sessions in the bookings databases were placed into one of ten categories and then the hours of usage per week for each category calculated. The figures are in terms of site hours rather than session hours, thus a two hour session involving three sites will count as six hours rather than two. Figures for the 1992/1993 academic year were also produced but since they were partially based on future sessions they are not reproduced here.

As expected for an academic video conferencing system LIVE-NET was most heavily used during term time. Teaching was wholly during term time, trailing off towards the end of the final term when students had exams. Non academic categories of use such as meetings and demonstrations showed a more even pattern of usage.

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