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1. Name of your group:

Contact name:



Tel: Fax:

World Wide Web:

2. Type of organisation:

[ ] University research group

[ ] Company research group

[ ] Equipment vendor/manufacturer

[ ] Software vendor/manufacturer

[ ] End user

[ ] Government research institution

[ ] Other (please specify)

3. How many people work in your VR group?

4. Please list the backgrounds of the members of your group (e.g., Computer Science, Psychology, Engineering, etc.)

5. How long have you been actively involved in VR work?

6. How is your work funded? (e.g., EC, EPSRC, Company, Government agency, etc.)

7. What is the major focus of your work on VR? (e.g., hardware or software architectures, VR peripherals, application development, etc.)

8. Please list any other groups or organisations (and their disciplines) with whom you collaborate.

9. What application areas are you actively involved in?

10. What are the main benefits of VR, which you consider important?

11. Please list your publications in the area of VR. It would also be very helpful to us if we could receive copies of these.

(Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary)

12. If your project is concerned with constructing a working VR system, please answer the next three questions:

12a. How well developed is your work in terms of demonstrable systems?

12b. What level of functionality are you aiming at for the system?

12c. How long do you think it will be before your work would come to fruition as a marketable product?

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