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3. Results

The response rate to questionnaires has been limited, but not disappointingly so. We have received over 200 completed questionnaires. Of these almost 70 per cent were completed using the on-line form, many in response to messages posted to e-mail discussion groups. The number of replies to the questionnaires sent by post has been disappointing. Only 76 questionnaires were returned through the post, a response rate of less than 10 per cent bearing in mind the number sent out. It is worth pointing out that, despite personal letters, very few members of related projects, funded under this initiative, have themselves completed questionnaires! Whilst we welcome the response to the on-line questionnaire, the result is that we have a rather greater proportion of questionnaires from academics from outside the UK and from outside the social sciences - although only social scientists were asked to participate.

The limited response rate may be the result of a number of factors.

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