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CCTA Collaborative Open Groups Initiative

The CCTA COG may offer some support for legal issues. Information can be found on WWW at: There are also some discussion group lists, the text below is extracted from the WWW page.

CCTA Collaborative Open Groups Initiative

The CCTA conference on Information Superhighways launched the idea of Collaborative Open Groups to discuss further the issues raised at the conference. Since that conference, there have been calls for additional COGs to be initiated.

In order to simplify maintenance of the COGs and correspondence between COG members we have set up an email listserver to handle subscription requests.

Note that email addresses given here and in pages about the COGs themselves are set up as browswer "hotspots". If your browser supports mail (and not all do), then you may mail directly to the address given from within your browser.

All requests to join any of the COGs listed here should be addressed to The subject field should be left blank. The message should contain the words subscribe mail_id cog. For example a person with the mail address wishing to join the COG discussing legal issues would send the message:

subscribe legal

The listserver program will respond with an acknowledgement. Full details of how to use the listserver can be obtained by mailing the single word help as the message to the listserver. If you normally attach a signature to your mail messages, it would be helpful if you turned it off when mailing to the listserver.

If you have difficulty using the listserver, please send a mail message describing the problem to:

Please note that mail sent to a COG mail address will be forwarded to all members of that COG. Requests to join the COGs should not, therefore, be sent to the COG mail addresses themselves.

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