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Authoring and Design for the WWW


Creating a maintainable site

An up-to-date and consistent site

The Web is perceived as dynamic and up-to-the-minute. This puts a greater onus on the providers of Web pages than would be the case with paper documents. Users expect information to be correct today. For example, course fees may be changed by the HEI, and users will expect the relevant page to reflect the up-to-date figure, whereas for a paper document they would be more forgiving.

Some information on a site will change rarely, but must still be consistent from place to place. For example, the HEI's academic regulations may remain constant for years, but it is vital that they are represented identically in every location which needs them. A way of achieving this is to keep such information in one place only and link to it from any page that needs it.

User expectations of the complexity and richness of pages is increasing. While at one time, simply to have a Web page was enough, users now expect at least some graphics, and more sophisticated text layout. Soon, animation may be seen as necessary (even when it is not).

Intending Web publishers must ask themselves

Example solutions

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