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Iíve got funding to start videoconferencing ó where do I begin?

Presumably, to get the funding, you had to make a case so you will have an idea about: However, there may have been changes since making the case so check these things out (Subject Section: Uses of Videoconferencing).

You will probably be more concerned though with the specific choice of equipment etc. and with any other consider ations that you should be making, e.g. optimising the envi ronment for videoconferencing. It will also be important to be clear about how much you want to do yourself and when you want to call in the experts. You may also want to find out if there is any merit in co-operating with any other individuals or groups who are using videoconferencing locally. It will probably be useful to read the Subject Sec tions: Videoconferencing Systems and Methods of Signal Transmission, The Videoconferencing Environment and Management of Videoconferencing Services.

You should then be in a position to know: Dos and Don'ts
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