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Satisfaction with current set-up

Users were asked whether they were happy with their overall set-up and whether they would recommend what they have to other potential users. They were also asked if there were any extra facilities that they would like to see incorporated and whether they were indeed considering the purchase of any related equipment.

It seems that most respondents are basically happy with their current facilities, with well over 75% prepared to recommend what they were using. Specific factors which would influence these recommendations are listed below.

N.B. The letters in brackets refer to the example configurations given in Appendix 3.

One respondent felt the equipment they were using was not yet stable enough to be recommended to others, but that videoconferencing could be a very useful communications tool once the bugs are ironed out.

For others there was not a simple answer to this question. While they would endorse some products, they were finding others to be redundant or too costly. Some felt that they were not in a position to make recommendations because their equipment has been largely determined (and funded) by outside bodies.

The point was made that recommendations would depend on the potential users’ situation and the uses they anticipated for videoconferencing. For example, a site with a low bandwidth Internet connection and no money to lease private lines will be limited in the technology they can use effectively.

However, a variety of problems and deficiencies, some of which were of a technical nature while others were concerned with the usability of the system.

Problems identified

Technical problems
Usability issues