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Review of Visualisation Systems

5.4 Khoros

5.4.1 - Hardcopy
By default, all Khoros operators write out in the Khoros 2.0 VIFF file format. This is done by default because not all formats are capable of storing the full polymorphic data model. For example, the PBM format is only able to store map and value data. Thus, if you create a data object with explicit location data and then save the object using the PBM format, your location data will be lost. The Khoros 2.0 VIFF format is the only supported format which is capable of generally supporting all data segments and attributes. Note, however, that since most of the supported formats are designed for storing images, this is typically not a limitation if you are working with image data.

5.4.1 Hardcopy

The kformats operator can be used to convert any of the supported file formats to any of the other supported file formats.

The specific formats which are supported within Khoros 2.0:

Review of Visualisation Systems
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