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Review of Visualisation Systems

7.3 IRIS Explorer

7.3.1 - Remote module execution
7.3.2 - Remote display
7.3.3 - Printing

7.3.1 Remote module execution

In IRIS Explorer this is achieved by simply calling up a module Librarian on an alternative machine. This is done through the host pull down menu which gives a dialogue box into which the host name is entered. This new Librarian is used in the same way as the local one where modules are selected from it and placed in the map. Explorer takes care of the rest. These modules are marked with the name of the machine they are running on.

7.3.2 Remote display

Version 2.0 of IRIS Explorer allows remote display via the xhost/setenv DISPLAY mechanism, but this requires the remote machine to be SGI with the proprietary graphics GL. This limitation is fixed at V2.2, which uses the de facto standard OpenGL. IRIS Explorer provides a module RemoteRender which allows the user to display geometry on another workstation in addition to their own, provided that the second machine has remote X connections allowed, and subject to the proviso mentioned above.

7.3.3 Printing

The Print menu of Render automatically offers the names of networked printers on which to produce output.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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