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Review of Visualisation Systems

2.4 IRIS Explorer

2.4.1 - Starting up the System
2.4.2 - Running the Examples
2.4.3 - Building your own Map
2.4.4 - Data Input
2.4.5 - Finishing off
The manual IRIS Explorer User's Guide [28] has a very good chapter concerned with "Getting Started" for the first time user and an overview of the IRIS Explorer system can be found in pages xx et seq (before Chapter 1 in the User's Guide). The User's Guide also contains chapters on how to use the Map Editor to build IRIS Explorer Maps. The following sections provide suitable references into this manual where more detailed information can be found.

2.4.1 Starting up the System

To start IRIS Explorer you simply type:


If IRIS Explorer does not start up you may need some additional environment variables defined (see Appendix A of the User's Guide).

2.4.2 Running the Examples

This information can be found at the start of Chapter 1 in the IRIS Explorer User's Guide. In a standard installation the examples can all be found under /usr/explorer/maps and may be invoked from the Map Editor or directly when starting IRIS Explorer:

explorer -map

2.4.3 Building your own Map

This is fully described in Chapter 2 and 3 of the IRIS Explorer User's Guide "Working with the Map Editor". An example of the Map Editor is shown in figure 3

2.4.4 Data Input

Data is imported into IRIS Explorer using the DataScribe tool which is fully described in Chapter 7 of the IRIS Explorer User's Guide. As well as step-by-step instructions, there are samples in:


and data in:


2.4.5 Finishing off

To quit from IRIS Explorer you must select "Quit" from the Admin menu in the IRIS Explorer Map Editor window.

Review of Visualisation Systems
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