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Preparation and Construction

Technical Specification

Learning Environment

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Building work had to be carried out in such a way that there was minimum disruption to the university. During the construction it was, as far as possible, 'business as usual' and elaborate precautions were made to keep noise and dust away from students and staff. The major logistical problem was bringing in materials and heavy plant where an existing building encircled the entire site - which remained occupied by students. The contractors were given strict guidelines about levels of noise at particular times of day and the week. They were required, as part of the specification, to use noise suppression devices. To facilitate access to 'the site', the ground floor eastern entrance became part of the works, and a hole in the wall large enough for most plant was created with access via a temporary ramp. Most materials could be brought through that entrance, but all the steel work and roofing sheets, and the bigger plant had to be lifted over the top by a large crane. For reasons of health and safety, this could only be carried out between the hours of 8pm and 8am.

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