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Preparation and Construction

Technical Specification

Learning Environment

Case Studies

Induction loop system for hearing impaired

Loop systems work through a copper wire running round the room, through which an electric current is fed, creating a magnetic field. That magnetic field is there irrespective of walls and barriers between theatres. The system was designed very carefully, in consultation with a loop designer, to prevent magnetic information travelling from one theatre to another, in the same way as audible sound is transferred.

In theatre B (the one with retractable seats), there are two loops installed. One loop in the floor for when the seats are 'in situ', and one in the wall for when the seats are retracted. The metal framing of the seats shields the user from the magnetic signal coming from the floor, so that when all seats are in place only the induction loop from the wall is used. All loops are fed from both the Lectern microphone and the radio microphone.

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