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2.The new centres
4.Interactive Lectures
5.Lecture Theatres
6.Theatre design
7.ISO Standards
8.Design Consultants
10.Future proofing
11.Mobile equipment
14.Faculty technicians
16.Room bookings
17.Skill levels
18.AV School


22.Presentation skills
23.Equipment database

Case Studies

Audio Visual Centres in the 21st century

20 Representation within an Institution.

20.1 Representation at the highest level is essential to the successful development of any group in the university sector, units like ours are no exception. Finding the correct representative is quite another matter.

20.2 Since Media Services was established in December 1989 there have been several changes to the reporting structure.

20.3 We have had one Pro Principal, two Vice Principals and a User Group, a Media Services committee and finally Head of the Estates Department . These were never the correct reporting structures and most of the incumbents had other duties and MSU was seen as yet another task. Recently though we have undergone a review and it was my considered view that we should report to the head of Academic Information Services. An academic committee which is chaired by a Vice Principal to support the work of the group seems to be the appropriate mechanism to produce the desired result.

20.4 The review committee has now concluded its work and recommended that we should report as described above. This formally happened on 1st January 1998.

20.5 The group now comprises Library, Computer Services and Media Services. (see appendix eight)

20.6 We are already actively working with the computer services network manager to determine which theatres need data points in addition to those already installed and a specification is being established for future use. Other projects are likely soon so it already seems to be a good collaborative partnership.

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