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Executive Summary

2.Course Design

Case Studies

Executive Summary

This report describes the design, development, delivery and evaluation of a staff development course which is targeted at staff using video conferencing to support and deliver teaching. It presents a number of recommendations which will be of value to anyone wishing to develop and deliver staff training for video conferencing, or the related communications and information technologies (C&IT) to support distance learning.

The MORAL Framework used in the design of this course, facilitated an investigation into five key areas and the relationships between them: methods; objectives; resources; assessment; and learners. This exploration resulted in a layered training programme delivered in four sessions:

  • Session 1: Getting Started with Video Conferencing
  • Session 2: Planning and Organising Learning for Video Conferencing
  • Session 3: Presentation with Video Conferencing
  • Session 4: Preparing and Delivering Teaching with Video Conferencing.

The course aims to give staff the confidence and skills necessary to use the technology effectively to support their teaching and its focus is pedagogical.

Formative and summative evaluation to date has been very positive. A number of recommendations are made regarding how training of this nature should be developed, who should be involved, who should deliver this training and what teaching methods are the most appropriate.

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