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2.Initial Development

3.Establishing the Project

4.Awareness Raising
5.Staff Experience
6.Multimedia Magic

Case Studies

Encouraging staff to fully exploit the multimedia lecture room

3 Establishing the Project

The timing of the project presented us with certain problems. In the initial proposal for the project, it had been assumed that the facilities in the new lecture hall would have been installed by January 1998 and be ready for use. In reality, the tender procedure was still in its early stages. Therefore, a different emphasis and strategy were pursued.

It was decided to open the project by using the existing Hall facilities (see Figure 2a), as these would be very similar to those of the new lecture theatre, although the new equipment would obviously be more up-to-date. It was hoped that the new lecture theatre resources would be in place before the end of the project in order for staff to become familiar with the facilities. In addition, it was decided to promote the portable multimedia facilities that were available to staff (see Figure 2b).

The first meeting of the steering group for the project was held on January 12th 1998 in order to define the intended structure and direction for the project. It was decided to run various types of sessions for staff, e.g. large groups of ten for demonstration/discussion sessions, smaller groups of about four for workshop/discussion either on a specific technology topic or on lecture presentation ideas for the particular people involved. In addition, a number of individual 'guinea pigs' could be identified who would agree to incorporate a multimedia lecture session into their teaching in February/March. Such staff could be recruited directly or may arise from the group's sessions as previously mentioned. Jo would provide support, monitor each person's progress and include the outcome in the case study report. In addition Jo would run a formal staff development course in liaison with the College's Training Officer as part of the College's staff development scheme.

Several College Committees would each be invited to nominate a small number of staff who would participate in a workshop/discussion. Nominees would be members of the group plus any extra people they would choose.

In a further meeting a week later, it was agreed that lunchtime introductory sessions in the Hall would commence during the first week of February. Jo would prepare a suitable session for all staff and check the availability of the Hall and the multimedia equipment therein.

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