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About this Report

This report is about the second version of the Virtual Reality Modelling Language, VRML 2.0, the file format standard that has brought interactive virtual worlds and a three dimensional interface to the World Wide Web. The report has two parts:

Part 1: A Guide to VRML 2.0, introduces the language and provides an overview of software and resources available for viewing and creating VRML worlds. It has seven sections:

Part 2: An Evaluation of VRML Modelling Tools, compares six different VRML 2.0 modelling applications for the Windows95 system. It includes a description of the selection procedure, the evaluation methodology, an overview of the each application, screenshots, a table comparing the different features and a conclusion.

This report has been produced as part of the Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications project, funded under the JISC New Technologies Initaitive and administered by the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics.

The author welcomes any comments, he can be contacted at


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