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Visualization Environments

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Visualisation in the Social Sciences Workshop

Towards a Research Agenda for Social Science Visualisation

TABLE 2: Twenty-four issues identified at Stage 3 (Groups of four)

A Research into peoples understandings of visualisations and the implications for dissemination
A Development and incorporation of visualisation techniques at the start of research projects
A Potential of visualisation in the construction of non-hierarchical texts such as CD and interactive maps.
A Innovative use of technology
A Statistical model validation via EDA
A Public domain visualisation
A Schematic paradigm for visualisations
AVisualization of highly multivariate and multi modal data.
B Visualisation over shared environments
B Visualisation of large and complex networks
B Evaluation of Visualisation techniques
B Visualisation of spatial modelling
B Temporal aspects of spatial data
B Improve access to visualisation tools, including a repository of algorithms
B Network visualisation (especially Internet)
B Perceptual aspects of visualisation
C Evaluation of the role of VR in visualising spatial data in the social sciences
C Visualisation of population socio-economic dynamics
C 'Collapsing the McEachren cube'
C Dissemination to all social science disciplines from the visualisation 'champions'
C Develop ways to assess appropriate necessary and effective visualisation
C Visualising networks of qualitative data
C Development of methods to visualize hypervariate data
C Investigate how people structure, link and navigate images and texts

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