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Visualisation in the Social Sciences Workshop

Towards a Research Agenda for Social Science Visualisation

TABLE 3: Thirty-five issues agreed at Stage 2 (Groups of Two)

A The potential of visualisation for the construction of non hierarchical texts such as CD and interactive maps
A Research into user experiences, appropriations etc of visualisation, its tools and the implications of this for dissemination
A Research to create a way of identifying and forging links between different work on visualisation
A Research into how visualisation can inform problem formulation as well a problem solving,
A Communication between disciplines
A Development and incorporation of techniques and assessment of their utility
A Innovative use of the technology
A Repository of example case studies and tools.
A Naming and shaming of the worst examples of visualisation by academics
A Visualisation of highly multivariate data
A Schematic visualisation
A Chernoff face research centre (?)
B Collaborative visualisation
B Evaluation off visualisation techniques (cognitive, empirical. theoretical, How do we reason?)
B Visualisation on the web (accessibility)
B Visualisation of qualitative information in the social sciences
B Use of visualisation in spatial modelling
B Visualising large networks
B Local indicators of spatial association
B Work on linked graphics rather than the data flow paradigm
B Repository of visualisation tools
B Enhancement of GI tools for spatial analysis and visualisation
B Network analysis
C Identify and develop key visualisation tools in qualitative research
C Co-ordinate and develop WWW site for social science visualisation
C Develop tools for visualisation of flows and networks
C Develop and evaluate tools for the effective visualisation of multivariate data in EDA
C Develop Central WWW resource from existing site such as SOSIG/AGOCG
C Effective visualisation of flows and networks for individuals and groups across space
C Three dimensional visualisation of spatial and non-spatial multivariate data
C Experimental methods to evaluate the effectiveness of scientific visualisation
C Evaluation of the effectiveness of visualisation
C Visualising networks in qualitative data
C Effective strategies for visualisation of multinode flows
C Investigate how people structure, link and navigate images and texts

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