The tutorial is structured as follows:-

A more detailed explanation of what each of the items on the contents list means is as follows:-

Tutorial Contents:- Explanation:-
Home The tutorial's home page.
Introduction The introduction to the tutorial.
Starting Deltagraph How to start the Deltagraph package executing.
Exiting Deltagraph How to stop Deltagraph executing.
Help An introduction to the on-line help facilites for Deltagraph.
Creating a Line Graph A detailed look at how to produce a line graph.
Titles, Legends, and Axes Adding Titles; positioning Legends; changing the characteristics of Axes.
Grids Adding/removing Grids.
Chart Symbols Modifying chart Symbols.
Special Text Characters The use of special Deltagraph text characters to create Superscripts, Subscripts, and Line breaks.
Multiple Line Graphs How to produce multiple line graphs on one chart.
Printing How to print Deltagraph charts on a Postscript printer.
Error Bars How to generate Error Bars in Deltagraph.
Curve Fitting How to perform Curve Fitting in Deltagraph.
Exporting Charts How to export Deltagraph charts to other packages.
Exporting Data How to export Deltagraph data to other packages.
Importing Data How to import data into Deltagraph.
Creating a 2-D Column Chart Practical example of creating a 2-D column chart.
Creating a 3-D Column Chart Practical example of creating a 3-D column chart.
Creating a 3-D Area Chart A detailed look at how to produce a 3-D Area chart, including:-
  • Importing data.
  • Adding chart titles.
  • Assigning axis titles.
  • Resizing a chart axis.
  • Changing the text attributes of axis labels.
  • Use the "Options..." command.
  • Rotating labels on a chart.
  • Changing the view of 3-D charts.
  • Changing fill-colour and patterns on data graphics.
Win95 Help An introduction to Windows 95 help facilities.
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements for the tutorial.


The sections on Creating and Customising a line graph, and the section on Error Bars, make use of the same graph. When utilising the line graph sections, you will be reminded to save the graph where appropriate.

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